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"Okay, I'm in tears (mostly cause I'm a baby) but also because I'm IN LOVE with how you captured these photos... omg. You're a wizard. Is it too soon to say I love you?? CAUSE I LOVE YOU - Not just cause you're talented and I'm dying over my pictures, lol, I had a blast working with you. DID I MENTION I LOVE THEM!?"

- Savanah + Preston

"Literally crying like a baby about how beautiful the pictures are! Completely exceeded every expectation I had! They’re amazing!"

- Hayden + Carson

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Detail Oriented, Kinda Funny, & a Lover of Love.

Oh hey, I'm Jaylynn Bird.

I usually answer to Jay, or Jay Bird. I am a Utah transplant, and specialize in Wedding & Portrait Photography. I am always down to adventure in the mountains, searching for Utah's hidden treasures so that I can give you both the most unique, and amazing experience you'll ever have during a session!

My Better Half

Utah Wedding Photographer, Best Utah Wedding Photographer, Provo Wedding Photographer, LDS Photos

+ Waits till after work to go on a soda run with me.

+ Lets me put whatever I want on my pizza.

+ Brings me cookies in bed.

+ Lets me pick what we watch every night.

+ Keeps me tame and makes sure I say appropriate things.

+ "Lets me" beat him in smash & guitar hero (I am really good).

+ My trusty sidekick that works with me 95% of the time...

AKA THE GOAT... or Seth. 

Who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell...

LDS Wedding Photographer, Utah Wedding Photographer, Fun Wedding Photographer, Travel

+ 85% of my water weight includes Dr. Pepper.

+ I love pineapple on my pizza.

+ Cookies are my weakness.

+ Obsessed with binge-watching Netflix (or Hulu).

+ I thrive off social interactions with people.

+ I love super smash & guitar hero.

+ The Boss Lady...

You know you'll love me... XO XO, JayBird


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Salt Lake City, Utah, United States