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About Us

Hey, Hi, Hello... me, AGAIN!

Utah Elopement Photographer, Utah Wedding Photographer, Utah Couples Photographer, LDS Photographer

My name is actually Jaylynn Bird, but no one really calls me that.

Jay, JayBird, or JJ are my nicknames!

I was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma... so you can imagine the landscapes I've had to deal with trying to be a professional photographer. Becoming a Utah transplant has been one of the best things I have ever done. Not only for myself, and my business, but for my husband and I's relationship too! We love the atmosphere that Utah brings, and we love the mountains and chilly nights more than anything (well, except each other). I am a very detailed person in general, so I can promise you, when you choose JayBird Photography as your Utah Wedding Photographer or for your portrait photography needs, you will be extremely satisfied with the outcome of your gallery! 

But if not?

I fix it, because photos are forever & I want you to BE PROUD of what you hang on your walls! So let's grab a soda together, and chat about how to book your next photography session with JayBird Photography!

Side note...


I tend to smile like an idiot when I photograph people, because it generally makes me happy when other people are happy. So be prepared for me to be googly eyed with you, through your whole session! 

...Last thing


I'll do anything it takes to get the shot YOU want, even if that means laying in the mud, waking up at 4 am for a sunrise session, or holding your dog in one hand & my camera in the other. I am here to serve YOU!